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Steering the Right Path

Relationships Australia Victoria
9:30am Thursday, 27 July 2017

With funding from the State Trustees Foundation, Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) has developed a new initiative; Steering the Right Path: Planning a Family Route for Ageing. The initiative has been introduced is in response to the increasing incidence of older Australians entering into problematic informal family arrangements.

As increasing numbers of Australians live longer and thrive in later years, it’s never been more important to plan ahead. Often, however, planning for the future is delayed until a crisis, illness or financial difficulty requires urgent solutions. As a result, decision-making can often be rushed, creating tensions and disputes in families, or resulting in unwise arrangements that can lead to undesired outcomes, including financial exploitation, loss of independence and abuse. Most of these situations develop incrementally in response to stresses and difficulties experienced by family members, however they can be avoided.

Steering the Right Path workshops and presentations, delivered in the community, aim to increase awareness of these issues in the community and to detail simple measures that can be taken to avoid the traps families commonly fall into.

The workshops focus on:

  • Planning: finances, living arrangements, care plans, advance directives and powers of attorney;
  • Preserving: family relationships, social connection, autonomy and respect;
  • Preventing: resentment, conflict and abuse.

RAV is offering a limited number of free workshops and presentations, delivered on site to relevant groups, organisations and workforces in the community, until the end of 2017.

Workshops will also be provided at RAV centres, for older adults and their adult children.

Participants will:

  • gain insight into the options available and steps involved for individuals and families to plan the best path forward based on their circumstances;
  • learn about the common pitfalls that can lead to tension, difficulties or abuse, or undermine family relationships over time;
  • find out how to avoid these avoidable issues;
  • learn about options for resolving issues when things go awry.

RAV recently launched the Steering the Right Path initiative with a workshop for 25 Case Workers from EDVOS (Eastern Domestic Violence Services). Participant feedback included:

  • “easy to understand, interesting and relevant”
  • “very relevant”
  • “very helpful”
  • “scenarios were helpful in understanding how elder abuse can occur.”

In addition to community-based workshops and presentations, RAV also offers interactive workshops to relevant workplaces, that are tailored to particular needs and interests.

For more information, visit our website, contact Kristie Hunter via email or by calling (03) 9261 8700, or contact your nearest RAV centre.

You can also view upcoming Steering the Right Path workshops here.


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