connectEDspace - support for young people

Young people can face all sorts of pressures – including problems at school, with friends or at home.
connectEDspace is a website by Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV), dedicated to young people to help provide all the information they need to deal with the stuff they go through each day.

Aboriginal Family and Relationship Support

RAV provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals to help strengthen family relationships.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk with a professionally trained person to discuss couple issues, conflicts with friends, relationship breakdown, parenting, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief, sexual problems, childhood sexual abuse, stress and work related tensions and disputes.


Reclaim Support Services

Reclaim is a dedicated support service for adults surviving child sexual abuse in organisational settings. The program has been funded by the Australian Government to support the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Reclaim provides free comprehensive support for survivors of child sexual abuse and others who engage in or are affected by the Royal Commission process. We will provide a service if you are undecided about attending the Royal Commission or decide not to attend. 

What help can we provide?

  • Specialist counselling and support for individuals, couples and family members.
  • Information and advice about the Royal Commission process.
  • Support in preparing to attend Royal Commission private sessions, including statement preparation.
  • Debriefing and support after attendance at Royal Commission private sessions.
  • Support for you at Royal Commission private sessions, when and where requested.

Who is eligible? 

  • Individuals surviving child sexual abuse in organisational settings, their partners and family members.
  • Individuals and other family members affected through their engagement with the Royal Commision.
  • Employees of agencies where abuse occurred, affected through their engagement with the Royal Commission, including those who want to make disclosures about institutional responses.

How do I get support through Reclaim?

Call our dedicated number - 1800 052 674. You can make an appointment or get more information about the service. You can also email us. We will talk with you about your situation and what support you need, then refer you to the right specialist practitioner in a location that best suits you, who will provide you with ongoing support.

  • View our Reclaim Support Services brochure here

Relationships Australia Victoria continues to provide support to adults surviving childhood abuse in family settings through our existing services. For more information, please call 1300 364 277. 

Additional support

The Chair of the Royal Commission, the Hon Justice Peter McClellan AM, addressed the 13th Australasian Conference on on Child Abuse and Neglect in Melbourne on 12 November. Read his full speech here.
Visit the Royal Commission website here.


More about RAV

Relationship Australia Victoria (RAV) is one of 28 community-based organisations funded by the Australian Government to support the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Under the banner Reclaim support services, RAV provides free comprehensive support for survivors of child sexual abuse and others who engage in or are affected by the Royal Commission process.  

RAV has extensive experience and expertise in providing therapeutic services in response to trauma and the impact of childhood abuse on individuals and their adult relationships. This has enabled us to partner with Berry Street Victoria in delivering the Forgotten Australians program for people who grew up in institutionalised care in Victoria prior to 1989.

Funded by the Victorian Government, RAV provides counselling for care survivors and their family members. The majority of cases feature complex trauma, with child sexual assault reported in a significant percentage.   

We have experienced an increase in demand for services from adult clients affected by childhood sexual abuse, most likely resulting from the commencement of the Victorian Government’s Parliamentary inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and non-government organisations.

We regularly receive referrals from specialised sexual assault services. Trauma associated with child abuse is increasingly disclosed as an underlying cause of relational or parenting difficulties, with help often sought by the survivor’s partner.  

It is an underlying issue for a significant proportion of clients attending our specialist programs, such as gambling support, men’s behaviour change groups, men and family relationships program, and family violence prevention.

Our practitioners have the professional qualifications and experience required to support clients with complex trauma. In addition, we support them with training and professional development to build on and consolidate their skills in trauma work.

Our frontline reception staff also have experience in understanding and responding to presentations of trauma when people contact us for help.

RAV will provide a suite of interventions tailored to meet the needs of clients in the context of the ongoing work of the Royal Commission.