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Young people can face all sorts of pressures – including problems at school, with friends or at home.
connectEDspace is a website by Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV), dedicated to young people to help provide all the information they need to deal with the stuff they go through each day.

Aboriginal Family and Relationship Support

RAV provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals to help strengthen family relationships.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk with a professionally trained person to discuss couple issues, conflicts with friends, relationship breakdown, parenting, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief, sexual problems, childhood sexual abuse, stress and work related tensions and disputes.



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Positive despite cuts

12:00am Tuesday, 25 October 2011

RAV is optimistic about the future and new opportunities that may come from sector reform, despite a difficult environment which has seen the organisation's core funding cut for the first time.

CEO Andrew Bickerdike told the 63rd Annual General Meeting last night that federal funding for counselling and family dispute resolution was cut by 5% and 3% respectively, effective from July 2011. In addition, Family Relationship Centre funding had been reduced by 4%, effective from January 2012.  

The CPI increase of 1.9% was also well below inflation for the second consecutive year, effectively an additional cut in funding.

Dr Bickerdike said the cuts had led to service reduction, with waiting lists at client centres. There had also been some staff reductions, "not easy for an organisation such as ours".

 "I am pleased that despite these challenges, we have been able to maintain the quality of our services as evidenced by the good feedback from our clients and the sector generally.

 "We have also been able to retain and recruit quality staff and are regarded as an employer of choice in the sector."

 Dr Bickerdike said RAV had responded well to sector reform, which would see a greater focus on delivering services to Indigenous, disadvantaged and vulnerable clients.

 "As a result, we are well positioned to pursue new opportunities and expand our services to meet the increasingly diverse needs of Victorian families."

 RAV President Judi Anderson told the meeting that the Board was as committed as ever to growth to ensure RAV's long-term future.

 "Naturally we are disappointed that our funding is going backwards after several years of strong growth. Our challenge will be to implement the cost savings without diminishing the range and quality of our services to clients, who rely on us for support.

 "We are determined to diversify our revenue sources as a means of increasing our income, and are working on strategies that will enable us to identify and pursue new funding opportunities in the government and corporate sectors," she said.

More information is available in the 2010/11 Annual Review.

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