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Aboriginal Family and Relationship Support

RAV provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals to help strengthen family relationships.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk with a professionally trained person to discuss couple issues, conflicts with friends, relationship breakdown, parenting, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief, sexual problems, childhood sexual abuse, stress and work related tensions and disputes.



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Vicarious Trauma Training

Relationships Australia Victoria
1:44pm Monday, 15 April 2019

Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) has been contracted by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to deliver Vicarious Trauma Training to Department staff in 2018-2019 as a complement to their new employee wellbeing and support program. The Department is committed to providing employees with access to a range of supports that promote health and wellbeing and ensure that employees are psychologically safe.

Vicarious trauma is the cumulative impact of prolonged and repeated exposure to the stories and experiences of pain, trauma and stress endured by others. Vicarious trauma is an occupational challenge for any organisation supporting clients who are experiencing change, adversity, trauma and violence. Given the nature of the Department’s work which includes child protection, housing and disability, the general workload demand and the recent Victorian Auditor-General’s Office report, it was identified that all DHHS employees should have access to best practice vicarious trauma training.

As an organisation which employs clinical practitioners in service provision to a range of community audiences, RAV is familiar with the case complexities that this work can involve. RAV’s awareness of the needs of clients and the indirect influence these can have on staff outcomes and wellbeing has influenced the development and delivery of this training.

RAV is providing half-day workshops to frontline staff, clinical staff and/or leaders, supervisors and managers within DHHS. The learning outcomes for training participants will be to: 

  • understand the nature and impact of vicarious trauma
  • understand that vicarious trauma is not a sign of weakness – it’s a normal human response to exposure to traumatic events experienced by others
  • identify tools for monitoring personal and professional wellbeing
  • identify helpful strategies to reduce risk of vicarious trauma
  • recognise the signs and symptoms of when vicarious trauma may be affecting wellbeing and work
  • incorporate practices that support resilience and sustainability into work routines.

RAV will deliver up to 60 Vicarious Trauma Training sessions to DHHS staff in 2018 and 2019, with sessions to be provided in all regional and metropolitan areas across the state.

Vicarious Trauma professional development workshops can also be delivered to workplaces on site at times suitable to organisations and their staff.

Download the workshop flyer.

To enquire about booking a workshop, call (03) 8573 2277, email us or view the workshop listing to find out more.

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